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Plunge feed.

What is the best way to plunge at a certain feed rate? I noticed that there is not an actual setting for this. What I am trying to do is.... Rapid to .100 above the feature, feed into a pre drilled hole at a fast feedrate, engage into my cut at a slow feedrate (engage feed), and then cut at my cut feed rate.
NX 10.0.2 PB 10.0.2

Re: Plunge feed.



You can define different feeds for different sections of you toolpath under the feeds and speeds section don't know if you have tried this?


Sorry if you have already tried this or you are looking for something else.


Vericut 7.3,7.4.1,8.0.2

Re: Plunge feed.



I have tried these settings but haven't found a combination that gives me what I'm looking for. Doesn't mean it's not there, just haven't figured it out yet.



NX 10.0.2 PB 10.0.2

Re: Plunge feed.

Have you tried setting the approach feed to cut instead of rapid?

Have a look at the feeds and speeds dialog box and the non cutting moves dialog box for when which feed rate is used Smiley Wink

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Re: Plunge feed.

I had tried that but now instead of Rapiding from a Z of 1.5 down to .1 and then feeding into the hole. It wants to feed from my initial Z of 1.5 all of the way down into the hole. I had checked into the help pages like you suggested but I was trying to get away from using start points to give me this result because I was hoping I could just specify something such as a Rapid Plane and a Clearance plane to control this.

NX 10.0.2 PB 10.0.2

Re: Plunge feed.

Not sure what your toolpaths look like, but you should be able to control this with your non-cutting moves.  Most non-cutting moves have a height field that control your "rapid to" position as you see in the image.  If this isn't working then I suspect you should take a close look at your post in terms of how it outputs feedrates.



Re: Plunge feed.

Since the "Height" is part of the engage move it will use the engage feed rate.  Without some customization to your post I don't see a way around this, without using the dreaded “start points” Even then you may not get exactly what you need.

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Re: Plunge feed.

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You might look at the new Deep Hole Drilling operation introduced in NX 10.0.2.


It has more control of the spindle and feeds when entering a hole, like you use in gun drilling.

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Re: Plunge feed.

I was assuming this was for milling...


I would try setting a clearance plane, then possibly the approach feedrate would work.

Or use a Start point


Above should be reasonably associative

You can also use a "User defined event" "Goto" point with a specific feed, but they tend to have associativity issues (I think).


Another option is to redefine the horizontal clearance (where the yellow engage ends and where the cyan cut starts).  then engage could be the "faster" feedrate, but you drop down to the cut feedrate before reaching the part material.

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Re: Plunge feed.

Thanks for all of the replies. Here is the toolpath I am working with.

It's a very basic toolpath (Planar_Profile) that uses a pre drill point to start on center and then back chamfers the hole with a Harvey Tool - Double Angle Cutter. For now I am just going to edit the vertical yellow line and override the feedrate, then when I get more time I will explore some other options.

NX 10.0.2 PB 10.0.2

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