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Polar mode CSE issue



I´m programming a millturn machine (Mori Seiki NLX2500) CSE Simulation. 


I work correctly with turn mode and mill mode separately. I use G112 for milling operations.


But when i try to work both modes together i get the next error:"No feed value set. Linear motion will not be executed. " But in NC-code it exists Feed programmed in the linear move line. 


I managed to fix the error chaging FanucFamily.CCF to the last update (21/19/2015) from sim10 sample. But with this change Polar Mode (G112) it no longer works. 



Why could be this issue?


What I can do?


Best Regards,



Re: Polar mode CSE issue

Hi Ivan,


Try to add G94 or G95 in the G01 or G02/03 line to define the Feed Unit.


I hope it helps.

Jean Marcel

Re: Polar mode CSE issue



Thank you! It works! 


But why with teh last uodate of cse parser G112 doen´t work¿?


Best Regards


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