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Post Builder Coolant issue

Hi All,

  I have a longstanding question regarding coolant output. I am attempting to finalize my post so that the operators do not need to edit anything in them before they run. My post have been at 98% for years but that last little bit has eluded me. I have now got it down to coolant thru as the only remaining issue (in my opinion that is amazing considering how hard this has been). When I call out coolant thru (on this machine M51) it outputs the correct code but it also outputs a M8 afterwards. Nothing I do eliminates this M8 (see below):





G0 G90 G55

G5.1 Q1 R3

G43 G0 G90 X-32.735 Y-30.3335 Z6.7 H51 M8



(----- S1 ROUGH LEVEL 1 -----)

(----- TOOL NUMBER- 51 -----)

(----- ADJUST REG.- 51 -----)

(--- 1.000D X 0.060CR X 2.00FL ---)

(----- OUT OF HOLDER- 2.87)



G1 Z5.66 F275.


I need to eliminate this second M8, How?

If I am using coolant thru then this does not happen. I have tried to set the coolant status, mode, and I have tried MOM_suppress to no avail. I am using Blocks rather than literals so the post knows what I am doing.

Any Ideas?



  Honestly you would think that something as simple as this should not be so frustrating, Post Builder is not on my list of preferred software. Ten years plus and it still kicks my neither regions.



Re: Post Builder Coolant issue

Randy -

I'm guessing mom_coolant_status is getting reset to "ON" somewhere

Note there is mom_coolant_mode as well

I'd suggest try using the review tool (or lots of "MOM_output_literal"s) to see if you can figure out where the variable(s) are being set/reset

You may have to dig into some of the internal routines in the post's tcl file (or ugpost_base.tcl) - e.g. COOLANT_SET.


note as it is probably modal, if you can't figure it out...

Maybe just make the post delay M8 until after the other coolants?


Also (less likely) there may be a Coolant UDE assigned to something strange (the tool or geometry or ? parent)



Ken Akerboom Sr CAx Systems Engr, Moog, Inc.
Production: NX10.0.3.5 MP5 + patch/TC11.2
I'd rather be e-steemed than e-diseaseled

Re: Post Builder Coolant issue

Hi Randy,

As you may know - the out of the box coolant code relies on the "mom_sys_coolant_code($mom_coolant_status)" variable. As Ken notes - in the MOM_coolant handler it calls the "COOLANT_SET" routine in ugpost_base.tcl. This routine (as Ken notes) manages the status of coolant "mom_coolant_status". So - if a coolant ude is fired - MOM_coolant proc receives mom_coolant_mode and COOLANT_SET is called where if mom_coolant_mode is not equal to mom_coolant_status - mom_coolant status is updated. The change in the modal will then cause the word to come out in the block template. If mom_coolant status gets a value other than "ON" "THRU "TAP" "MIST" oe "OFF" somehow - the  "mom_sys_coolant_code($mom_coolant_status)" may see a null value which - if the word is set to optional - will trigger a change - but output nothing.

The steps (to debug I would take are:

1) Look at mom_coolant_status with the debugger as Ken noted around the problem area

2) Put a text string in the block to identify that the block is where it is coming from (looks like one of the rapid ones.)


Windows 7 Pro

Re: Post Builder Coolant issue

... looking at the OTB "COOLANT_SET" routine - if the coolant ude is repeated with "ON" it will not pick up the former code and would react like this.

Windows 7 Pro
Accepted by topic author Randy_Sims
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Post Builder Coolant issue

I just remembered (like ?Dan?) said...

Look at your linear / rapid move blocks - see if the coolant word is "$mom_sys_coolant_code(ON)" or "$mom_sys_coolant_code($mom_coolant_status)"



Ken Akerboom Sr CAx Systems Engr, Moog, Inc.
Production: NX10.0.3.5 MP5 + patch/TC11.2
I'd rather be e-steemed than e-diseaseled

Re: Post Builder Coolant issue

Thanks Guys! I had the COOLANT/ON in the rapid and linear blocks rather than the coolant/code version. Once I switched them it worked.

Thank You!

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