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[Post Builder] Drive Method

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When I do post processor, I want to print out what Drive Method is set.



Is there a way?


Re: [Post Builder] Drive Method

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

Have you tried turn on review tool and looking for variables like *drive* ?

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Re: [Post Builder] Drive Method

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The variable you're looking for is mom_drive_method


In nx12 it has the following values

Curve/point : 20

Spiral : 70

Boundary : 40

Guiding Curve : 400


I found this out by just outputting the variable on a bunch of operations. 

From nxopen i found the following enum, with probably all the possibilities :


/** Available types for Drive Method */
            public: enum DriveMethodTypes
                DriveMethodTypesUndef/** Undefined */,
                DriveMethodTypesCurve/** Curve/Point */,
                DriveMethodTypesSpiral/** Spiral */,
                DriveMethodTypesBoundary/** Boundary */,
                DriveMethodTypesAreaMilling/** Area Milling */,
                DriveMethodTypesSurfaceArea/** Surface Area */,
                DriveMethodTypesInterpolatedToolPath/** Interpolated tool path */,
                DriveMethodTypesToolPath/** Tool Path */,
                DriveMethodTypesRadialCut/** Radial Cut */,
                DriveMethodTypesContourProfile/** Contour Profile */,
                DriveMethodTypesFlowCut/** Flow Cut */,
                DriveMethodTypesText/** Text */,
                DriveMethodTypesUserDefined/** User Function */,
                DriveMethodTypesBladeRough/** Blade Rough */,
                DriveMethodTypesBladeFinish/** Blade Finish */,
                DriveMethodTypesHubFinish/** Hub Finish */,
                DriveMethodTypesBlendFinish/** Blend Finish */,
                DriveMethodTypesEdgeFinish/** Edge Finish */,
                DriveMethodTypesRotaryFloorFinish/** Rotary Floor Finish */,
                DriveMethodTypesTubeFinish/** Tube Finish */,
                DriveMethodTypesFreeForm/** Free Form */,
                DriveMethodTypesFreeFormBuildup/** Free Form Buildup */,
                DriveMethodTypesGuidedCurve/** Guided Curve */,
                DriveMethodTypesTubeRough/** Tube Rough */,
                DriveMethodTypesTubeAdditiveThinwall/** Tube Additive Thinwall */,
                DriveMethodTypesTubeAdditive/** Tube Additive */,
                DriveMethodTypesCurveAdditiveBuildup/** curve additive buildup */

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