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Post Builder G93 / G94 Feed rate

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

NX 1872


Im able to get G93 / G94 switch and Feed rate working.  The issue im running into is the only way i could get F output in each line of the G93 was to Force F in Motion / Linear Move.  I have read thru a lot of post on the subject and when i tried to import the other PC_CMD's related in other threads i get a lot of errors.  


my question is there a sting i can add to check id G93 is being used and then force Feed rate?






X.8348 Y1.1814 Z3.0462 B81.782 C12.898 F4949.258
X.8337 Y1.1835 Z3.0444 B81.769 C12.933 F4949.279
X.8326 Y1.1856 Z3.0425 B81.756 C12.967 F4949.298
X.8316 Y1.1878 Z3.0406 B81.743 C13.001 F4949.318
X.8305 Y1.1899 Z3.0388 B81.73 C13.036 F4949.338
X.8295 Y1.1921 Z3.0369 B81.717 C13.07 F4949.358
X.8284 Y1.1942 Z3.0351 B81.704 C13.105 F4949.377
X.8272 Y1.1966 Z3.0327 B81.689 C13.145 F4242.6
X.8261 Y1.1989 Z3.0303 B81.674 C13.185 F4242.619
X.8249 Y1.2013 Z3.0279 B81.658 C13.225 F4242.638
X.8237 Y1.2036 Z3.0256 B81.643 C13.265 F4242.657
X.8221 Y1.2268 Z3.0103 B78.086 C7.875 F70.284
G94 X.8318 Y1.2122 Z3.0288 B78.831 C7.383 F60.
X.8416 Y1.1975 Z3.0473 B79.575 C6.891 F60.
X.8514 Y1.1829 Z3.0658 B80.32 C6.399 F60.
X.8613 Y1.1683 Z3.0843 B81.065 C5.906 F60.
X.8713 Y1.1537 Z3.1029 B81.809 C5.414 F60.
X.8813 Y1.1392 Z3.1214 B82.554 C4.922 F60.
X.8913 Y1.1246 Z3.1399 B83.298 C4.43 F60.
X.9014 Y1.1101 Z3.1585 B84.043 C3.938 F60.
X.9116 Y1.0955 Z3.177 B84.788 C3.445 F60.
X.9219 Y1.081 Z3.1956 B85.532 C2.953 F60.
X.9322 Y1.0665 Z3.2142 B86.277 C2.461 F60.
X.9425 Y1.0519 Z3.2327 B87.022 C1.969 F60.
X.953 Y1.0374 Z3.2513 B87.766 C1.477 F60.
Damian Forsythe
Impact Manufacturing Group

Re: Post Builder G93 / G94 Feed rate


Try using this. 



Glenn Balon
Production: NX 12.0.2 MP10 Primarily CAM

Re: Post Builder G93 / G94 Feed rate

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Thanks Glenn!  That worked perfectly!


Damian Forsythe
Impact Manufacturing Group

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