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[Post Builder] lock axis

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I want to rotate the C axis table in XY plane machining.

So I set the lock axis in UDE.


The equipment is a siemens controller, I refer to sim08 in library.
sim08_mill_5ax_sinumerik_mm is not output on the C axis, and sim08_mill_5ax_fanuc_mm is normally output on the C axis.

What should I set so that it can be output on the C axis in sim08_mill_5ax_sinumerik_mm?



Re: [Post Builder] lock axis

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

In case of Postbuilder,

My personal advice/opinion:

Use generic post template rather than library template posts (for every type post making).

Generic is basic, simplest, most flexible template.

Library posts behaviour is little bit unexpected, complicated, rigid.


If you want answer for you question - try to find something what doesnt allows this output.

Or : It should works....

Or: probably you have activated some other ude....


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