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Post Builder v10 CYCLE output error


Hi comunity,


I have a huge problem with Post Builder version 10.0.2. mp4.


My procedure is:

1) Create a new post for 3 axis (I choose controller Sinum_840d_basic)

2) Save and close file without modifications

3) Test with a tool path in NX --> test is ok.

4) Open my new post in PB

5) Save file without modifications

6) Test again my post in NX

7) In this later test I have each CYCLE output printed twice in my mpf file.


As attached, I think that some control such as "check block cycle sl or pw" is mysteriously missing.


Someone could help me?


Thanks in advance.


PB v10.0.2 mp4

NX v10.0.2.6 mp4

Win 7 64

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