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Post Configurator documentation



I have some problems to find documentation about Post-Configurator, for example how to know what every events that i can extend do?

And the syntax of events name? Like MOM_before_output_LIB_ENTRY ........  MOM_before_motion_ENTRY ...what does ENTRY or LIB_ENTRY mean?

What is the difference for example between LIB_CTRL_rapid_move_LIB_ENTRY {args} {} ...... and .... MOM_rapid_move_LIB_ENTRY {args} {} ?


Thank you


Re: Post Configurator documentation


Did you already see here?

Glenn Balon
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Re: Post Configurator documentation

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To get a good look at the specific MOM Events and understand other information coming out of Post Configurator, it is best to use the Inspect Tool. You can turn this on in the Debugging node.


When this setting is on you will see an additional window pop up named Inspect Postprocess Run when posting from Post Configurator. Similar to the Operation Navigator in NX CAM, this has three views to show different information about the output; The NC Output view, the MOM Events view, and the Buffer Events view. Select the MOM Events view to see the events available to hook into. Next, select any of the events listed to see the mom variables associated with it.


Your other inquirey about the names is actually not about MOM Events but rather the Buffer Events. Select the Buffer Events tab and expand the nodes to see what buffer events are used under selected MOM events.


These buffer events are what you will use to implement your TCL code. You can do things like append, prepend, or replace the existing output with your own.

Re: Post Configurator documentation


Thank you very much JKane

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