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Post-Output G1 F... instead of G0

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I need to output rapid-motion not with G0 but with G1 F30000.

I've this solution:


2015-09-24 13_17_49-Event _ Rapid Move.png


Is there a better way? The "G Code" for Rapid Motion works automatically in every occurrence of Rapid Move, but the F-Address has to be inserted in every block template wherever Rapid Move occurs.



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Re: Post-Output G1 F... instead of G0

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Valued Contributor

I think you found a good way of doing the rapid move. Typically I would handle this by adding a custom command before the rapid block that changed the variable for rapid motion from 0 to 1 , but your way I kind of like better.  Also instead of setting a custom variable of rapid_motion_feed, I would just set the  variable feed to 3000. Also sometimes I have an issue with feed variable so if that didn't work correctly I would go to the custom custom command "Before motion" and say if the move is a rapid move then set these variables. Just my approach.

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Re: Post-Output G1 F... instead of G0

To output fast G1 positioning moves I am using a technique outlined in tech tip video which uses a custom command in a output condition for initial moves.


The output works, switching between the rapid feed (1200ipm) and the cut feed (80ipm), except the only issue I have is the intial Z down feed and final Z up feed is output other than what I specified in the operation for the rapid feed.  There is a max fpm in my post somewhere but for the life of me I cannot find it at the moment. 


Below is the custom command and an image of my initial moves in the post.


proc PB_CMD__check_block_initial_move { } {
# This custom command should return
#   1 : Output BLOCK
#   0 : No output

    global mom_feed_rapid_value

if {$mom_feed_rapid_value != 0} {
    return 1
} else {
    return 0






NX 12.0.2

Re: Post-Output G1 F... instead of G0

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

For the max F value there's 2 places to check:

1) The "F" word itself (max value, also number of digits?)

2) Program & Tool path -> "Program" tab -> Machine Control -> Click on the (blue) "Feedrates" button - this dialog allows setting separate formats & max/min values for each feedrate mode (also, you may have to scroll down, the default output modes for the different motion types)

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Re: Post-Output G1 F... instead of G0

Another idea is to mimick what happens then the user sets the Rapid Output Mode to Interpolated G1 in the operation. I would compare the mom variables with rapid mode set to G0 and G1. Then maybe you can manually set mom_feed_rapid_output and the other variables directly.

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