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Post Processor Error additiv manufacturing with KUKA Robot




i am a beginner in CAM-simulations.

I am trying to print a part onto a moving platform, which the robot is moving.

The "3D-printer" is fixed.

Right now i have a problem with the Post Prozessor. I get following warning,

when i try to generate the code:

Fehlermeldung Postprozessor additive Fertigung.JPG

I already updated the NX-Version and the KUKA Post Processor from the GTAC-site.

I also looked into the syslog file, but i could not figure out how to fix the problem. 

The syslog file and the post processor are attached.

I am using CAM Express and Windows 10 Pro.






Re: Post Processor Error additiv manufacturing with KUKA Robot

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

The variable "mom_isv_tool_tip_mount_junction(0,0)" cannot be found. Is the the robot and post-processor shipping with NX?

I would start with the things shipping with NX to exclude problems with old files.

How about updating to NX 11.0.1 MP3, since there have been some issues resolved with robots, if I remember correctly.

Stefan Pendl, Systemmanager CAx, HAIDLMAIR GmbH
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Development: C (ITK), .NET, Tcl/Tk Testing: NX12.0 | AWC 3.4 Preparing: NX12.0

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