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Post configurator LIB_GE_command_buffer_seq Tag

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I have seen special Tags like @CREATED_BY @DATE... in the command LIB_GE_command_buffer_seq but when I write my own code, the name of the tag is LegacyTag0.


How can I name the Tag?


Many thanks in advance,


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Re: Post configurator LIB_GE_command_buffer_seq Tag

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

Hello Cristian,


to create your own Tags it's needed to create your own buffer.



LIB_GE_command_buffer CUSTOM_TAG    #<-----Name your Buffer (unique)
LIB_GE_command_buffer "MOM_output_literal \";DoSomething\"" @YOURTAG  #<-----Tagname
LIB_GE_command_buffer {CallaProc} @ProcTag  #<------variant to call a other custom procedure
LIB_GE_command_buffer_output #<-----command to output the buffer


Now you should see your Tags in the Debugging information Smiley Wink



One additional annotation. With the release of 4.2.2 libraries we have implemented new Buffer functions which should be used for future instead of LIB_GE_command_buffer_seq for customizing.


Best regards





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