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Post configurator - how to edit the existing commands



I've recently been passed a mobile workstation from a neighbor university for full NX eval. We are looking at getting it for our U. My understanding is post builder will become redundant therefore one (of the many) components that I am tasked at evaluating is the new post configurator module.


Atm I am clueless as to how to edit the procedures & commands using the built-in editor. For example, how can I edit the END_OF_PROGRAM procedure? We do not use T0 and I would like like to modify it so I can add extra routines just before the M30 (see screen grab below)


Anybody could give me a hint that would be much appreciated






ps: I've just seen the recent vid Bill Storrs uploaded on post configurator but this didn't help me to find out the correct way to edit the commands. I.e.




Re: Post configurator - how to edit the existing commands

While Siemens should really comment on this, but it is my understanding that post builder is NOT becoming obsolete.  Post configurator is merely an alternate that (in theory) requires less coding.



Ken Akerboom Sr CAx Systems Engr, Moog, Inc.
Production: NX10.0.3.5 MP5 + patch/TC11.2
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Re: Post configurator - how to edit the existing commands

Right. So... I've answered my own queston and can now modify pretty much anything in Post Configurator. Great module btw, very smart indeed. I've actually found the doc, although appearing 'work in progress', there is is sufficient info in there to get you going.


As for the redundancy of Post Builder, I have no idea, Ken. To me it looks as if Siemens are developing a much more reliable/powerful solution. Not only it look much more professional, it makes things so much more easier. Great improvement if you ask me.


You can compare Post Builder to Windows XP, Post Configurator being Windows 7 64bits Smiley Wink


The only two problems I found it so far is security and performance. Siemens are encrypting the 'executing code' therefore the software/modules needs to reside on a sheep workstation and of course needs to be completely isolated from corporate networks. Not a mistrust toward anyone, and I am not the one making the rules. Just complying with IT security guidelines at my end that's all.


Prformance wise. Somehow the processing time is much more demanding than Post Builder. But I'm sure that is going to be fixed eventually.

Re: Post configurator - how to edit the existing commands

[ Edited ]

I am curious - what license for post configurator do you have? Is there still a 3 tier breakdown? Something like user (can bring up forms) advanced (can do a few extra things) and expert (full access to all tools?) If so - where do the limits of postprocessor configuration start to be a problem without the highest one? I see that CYCLE832() is coming out again and again with no parameters. Is there a concept of modal with Post Configurator? Is there a way to edit "block templates" by any type of form? Or once you want to customize - is it all code (def tcl?) If not - maybe that will be the "Windows 10" version introduced later.

Windows 7 Pro

Re: Post configurator - how to edit the existing commands

License is borowed for (personal) eval but I've been told it is the full and latest modules (edu). I am returning this workstation this coming Friday so if you need visuals on anything in particular, do ask. RE the specific questions you have, I'll leave the tech talk to Siemens to answer - I wouldn't want to mislead anyone Robot Embarassed


I'll write a report during the following week and hope to get Nx's CAM modules implemented before 2016!


Custom proc and comands are written in both the 'smart' service editor (see last 2 grabs), and the input fields. As you can see from the following visuals, a junior could master Post Configurator in <48hrs. Well done to Siemens is all I have to say. It works - powerful stuff






Re: Post configurator - how to edit the existing commands

[ Edited ]

Thanks for the screenshots. It looks interesting. My impression at this point is that I see no "word address and block template" configuration from UGPOST "def" files - but I bet there must be a way to do more than dump out static lines (MOM_output_literal) when configuring. Handling modal behavior and formatting would not be as efficient to write if there is no def file. There are some pretty big companies that code their posts in TCL without (even) Postbuilder. I work on postprocessors for a big chunk of my time - and use Postbuilder with a lot of tcl coding. My guess is that if a full time post developer is looking at this - they may not be interested in more wizard forms and less control. The manufacturing engineers that need a postprocessor for a new machine - maybe that have no idea what G code is required to run the machine (maybe a new control model to them and work on postprocessors rarely) will certainly like to have better out of the box code. Then maybe they won't need any outside help - or spend countless hours trying to get something that works.

Windows 7 Pro

Re: Post configurator - how to edit the existing commands

I see where you are coming from now. In that case those grabs might be more of interest to you. Like I previously said, tech talk to Siemens to do, but I'll take a chance and answer 'Yes' to all your questions. Behind the scene it looks & feel essentially the same as Post Builder but on steroids. Comes bundle with a much better graphical interface lol


Comparable to Ver 2.0 of Windows 10 Smiley Wink






Re: Post configurator - how to edit the existing commands

If you are starting now, Post Configurator is the way to go.

It is designed with multiple layers to allow you to reuse common modules when creating posts.

From the Concept slide in our technical presentation: 


What is Post Configurator?

  • New easy-to-use and embedded development tool for Post Processors within NX CAM
  • Re-use rather than Re-write
  • Layer concept instead of one monolithic file
  • Separated core functionality from customization
  • Based on the same underlying MOM architecture
  • Built-in protection of Post Processors

What is Post Configurator not?

  • Not an extension or replacement for Post Builder
Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: Post configurator - how to edit the existing commands

Hello Mark


Thanks for the details of what's what. I've seen Post Builder before but that was 2 years ago (NX8.5 if my memory is good). Things have certainly changed a lot!


I am trying to get to speed with the new CAM modules, which is in fact what most of us here are interested in getting. I've also worked onto better understanding the logic behind the post building module (PC in this case) as the current CAD/CAM we use is not entirely geared up to take full advantages of our newly purchased siemens cotrollers. Have many questions but I'll keep those for when we'll be bringing the product in beg of 2016 (fingers crossed).


To note for your PC dev team (as member Study already pointed out), an emptied CYCLE832() gets output in each operations. There is a way to turn make it behave by setting the object value to OFF but that also cancels all other CYCLE832s in the program! The proc seems uneditiable (resides in a pce file, no access to properties, decl, vars, etc)


Cycle832 bug (and few other small bugs I've noticed) leads me to ask; can you advise on a timeframe for when CAM and PC combined will be in a perfectly stable condition, or slightly more flexible (unencrypted)? NX11? others?

Re: Post configurator - how to edit the existing commands

Hi all, 


Post Configurator is indeed a new and integrated tool to develop post processors for NX CAM more easily: We would like the developers to configure their posts instead of the need to program them in Tcl. Right now we do not have plans to obsolete Post Builder and will continue to bug fix and improve it. As the underlying MOM architecture is used for both products, legacy posts as well as the new Post Configurator ones will continue to run in the upcoming NX versions side by side.


Let me answer a few of the questions:


I see no "word address and block template" configuration from UGPOST "def" files

That is right, at this moment Post Configurator does not offer a UI to edit DEF files (words, addresses, templates, etc..). We are working on an implementation, but this will take most likely till NX11.0.1 (9/2016 unfortunately). Until then I recommend using a text editor, as the file format is pretty straight forward.


Can you advise on a timeframe for when CAM and PC combined will be in a perfectly stable condition, or slightly more flexible (unencrypted)? NX11? others?

We constantly improving Post Configurator and we believe with NX10.0.3 you should be able to fully support Mill/Turn/MillTurn for single channel machines. We are working on the multi-channel support right now, but this will take us some time to complete. The flexibility is heavily discussed in the moment, as we understand the developers need to be able to follow the internal logic, but at the same time we would like to enable post edits without the need to expose the underlying Tcl code (IP protection, licensing, run-time restrictions, etc...). This is fundamental to the Post Configurator product. So give NX10.0.3 a shot when it comes around at mid of November.   


If you found a bug in the Cycle832 please file a error report with GTAC and we will have a look into it, and see what we can do. 


Also as an remark on the performance: We spend quiet some time to investigate post processor performance, and will release improvements with the upcoming NX releases. In some cases we were able to improve by over 30%. This is still ongoing and we are still looking into performance improvements. 


Best regards, 


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