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Post crashes NX

Good Afternoon,


I have a problem with one of our post processors. When posting through it NX8.5 crashes after the program is posted out.

The NC program is displayed but the spinning "thinking" symbol just keeps spinning. The only way to get any response is to shut NX via the Task Manager. This means I can not access the logfile.

All our other post processors are okay; just this one causes problems.


Any ideas how to diagnose this?





Re: Post crashes NX

[ Edited ]

You CAN access the logfile.

Look for it in "temp" folder (at least on Windows you can use %temp% to find it quickly)


There look for the latest file with "syslog" extension.

Marek Pawlus, NCmatic

Production: NX 11.0.1
Development: C#, Tcl/Tk, CSE

Re: Post crashes NX

Cool, thanks!!!


I found it but can not see anything unusal at the end of document?


&MACRO  END_ITEM 17 (1 OPTM 0) = 0  ! Post Defined
&MACRO DIALOG_END -2, 0 ! Postprocess: OK

Re: Post crashes NX

[ Edited ]

I think TCL version was changing when upgrading to 8.5. It could be that now you have something that evaluates to an infinite loop (hard to find.) Does it lock up on post read or execute? Other culprits can be launching exes or cycle_objects calls. I would just start putting MOM_aborts "my message" occasionally in sequence of code to find it. I think a lockup like that would not have any error in the log (probably.)

Windows 7 Pro

Re: Post crashes NX

Yeah, the program posts out, the review tool even comes on and is functional!


It just seems to crash NX in its wake :-(


I can start putting MOM_abort commands in from the end of program and work backwards but it posts out, so maybe that wont diagnose it?

I will start anyway.




Re: Post crashes NX

I have only had that problem when I tried to launch a custom editor after posting from "MOM__halt" event (or move files there.) That is the last possible event (I have heard of.)

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