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PostBuilder 11.0.1font change from 9.0.3 and earlier


In the pictures attached PB 11.0.1 is using a "Serif" font and 9.0.3 is using "Sans Serif"


in POSTBUILD\app\ui\

ui_pb_fonts.tcl is identical between versions

ui_pb_resource.tcl is almost identical with no font setting changed


any ideas







Re: PostBuilder 11.0.1font change from 9.0.3 and earlier

The font was changed to a monospaced font so that things would line up nicely. However, I agree it would be better with a sans serif font. This is customizable, so you can change it yourself. 

Copy the file ui_pb_fonts.tcl from POSTBUILD\app\ui folder to your $HOME directory; then rename it to ui_pb_user_fonts.tcl and modify the font definitions to your preferences. The font used for the display of these NC codes is gPB(fixed_font_sm). Out of box it’s defined as “{courier 7}”. I would suggest lucida console 8 pt, as shown below:

         set gPB(fixed_font_sm)       {courier 7}
         set gPB(fixed_font_sm)       {{lucida console} 8} ;# easier to read.


Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

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