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PostBuilder: Error 1770002 by generating a post

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Hi everyone,


I try to make my own PostProzessor with PostBuilder. Until last week everything worked fine but now I get all the error 1770002 everytime I make a post. I made a User Defined Event to insert a part coordinate system. I can add this one with start events and type in my desired values. But if I make the post the error pops up.


Would be nice if anyone knows a solution.


By the way, do you know how to get the value of a part coordinate system? The idea is to make the program readable. I want to set the first MCS as the machine zero coordinate system an the next mcs on the part. The part coordinate system should be written as X0 Y0 Z0 in the NC Program. My machine has a fanuc control.


Many thanks.  


Re: PostBuilder: Error 1770002 by generating a post


Good morning.


You might get a better response if you post this on the NX Manufacturing Forum:



Re: PostBuilder: Error 1770002 by generating a post

You would probably get more responce on the NX Manufacturing forum.

The fourth line in your error message states the problem... No value has been assigned to the variable mom_x_axis_JF even though you have declared it global it does not exist until a value has been assigned to it.

Clayton Moudy
Dell Precision T3610, Win7, 16GB. NVDIA Quadro K2000
Production: NX7.5.5.4
Testing: NX10.0.3.5

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