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[PostBuilder] output G52 Code

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I want to output the G52 Code block.

I set G52 Block and PB_CMD_check_block_G52 in sim08_mill_5ax_fanuc_mm.


I do not know if the settings are wrong in the NX CAM or not in Post Builder.

Thank you for your advice.


Re: [PostBuilder] output G52 Code

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

what is in the block?- attach pictures,are there address? if yes attach pictures of settings..

what is in check command?


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Re: [PostBuilder] output G52 Code

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor



Never done G52 before but I will try to help.


In order to output G52 with G-Code results, there should be no special output setting (?) and MCS output type needs to be equal to 2. 


Try different settings on MCS and of operation UDE.


proc PB_CMD__check_block_G52
if {[info exists mom_special_output] && $mom_special_output == 0} { if {[string compare $parent_name ""] && $mom_mcs_info($parent_name,purpose)==0} { if {$mom_mcs_info($parent_name,output_type) == 2} { set G52_active "active" return 1


If you are having trouble with finding the right dialogues and settings, try this debugging code, paste it to red area like picture in "sim08_mill_5ax_fanuc_mm.tcl" and post it.


Once you post it you will see comments like "( mom_special_output: 1 )"





  MOM_output_literal "${mom_sys_control_out} output_type: ${mom_mcs_info($parent_name,output_type)} ${mom_sys_control_in}"
  MOM_output_literal "${mom_sys_control_out} mom_special_output: ${mom_special_output} ${mom_sys_control_in}"


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