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PostConfigurator Conditional UI

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I am not able to make the User interface conditional. For example in the Object @CUI_ToolChangeGroup, the property Specify Value only is visible if the property Max Tool Number is "Custom Value"





How can I do this?


Many thanks in advance,



Re: PostConfigurator Conditional UI

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2 points to the "conditional" user interface.


1) To create a property which has a "specify value" you must use the options_ids($id). To get the data field for entering custom values it must be named *VALUE* in the options_ids.

The datatype can set to INT/STRING/DOUBLE, in case what is needed.


set id "your_id"
set $id 0
set options($id) {No Check|Custom Value}
set options_ids($id) {0|*VALUE*}
set datatype($id) "INT"
set access($id) 222
set dialog($id) {{Conditional Property}}
set descr($id) {{Use property or custom value}}
set ui_parent($id) "@CUI_MotionSettingFeedMode"
set ui_sequence($id) -1


2) Post Configurator is not supporting property logic (inter property logic) at the moment. That means it's not possible to control other properties or change their values when changing a property. This will be an upcoming feature.


Best regards


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