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PostConfigurator - property change


need to ask about property behaviour.

I have some custom parameters which were hardcoded in tcl servise layer. Then I try to move this parameter to posconfigurator propeties to let my customer change some values. Everything works, I see it in dialog box, I can change it.

But problem is that I need some values very early in NC code, but it gives me default values instead values in dialog box. The changed value comes later.

Attached is picture where is shown what is happen when I output NC code.

Is there any possibilities how to get these changed values earlier? Or must it stay as harcoded values in tcl?

Selected value is also used as part of name of NC program.


Vavrusa Ondrej
NX11.0.x testing

Re: PostConfigurator - property change



which version of Post Configurator librarys you use? Hopefully the latest (v4.1.2) one from KitsStore or delivered with NX11.0.1 Smiley Wink .


Just a short sample how it works. I defined a property  and call the value in the Start of program:



When now changing the default value in the UI, save the post and run the post i get the changed value in my output at the beginning of program.




For me it's look like you have hardcoded values in the service file. Please ensure that no hardcoded values are in your layer.


Hope this helps.


Best regards


Re: PostConfigurator - property change


yes it works as you said.

The problem is that I use this command in my "help" layer (where I have declaration of my variables):

set SKODAp_operace [SKODA_obecne_info operace]

- but it reads default values, no idea why


If I use [SKODA_obecne_info operace] in output functions  it outputs what I want as in your example.

Now I try to move this declaration of my variable (set SKODAp_operace [SKODA_obecne_info operace]) to the function which I call in PC (in section output basename control) and it works, here it reads actual values - but the proc which I call is declared in the same "help" layer.





Vavrusa Ondrej
NX11.0.x testing

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