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[PostProcessor]Transformation angle value (rotate cutting)

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# Information

1. Version : NX10

2. Machine : DMG NTX2000 5axis millturn

3. Type : B,C axis head type




4. Request :

processing for the region.
Then, rotate 5 copy to each of the same region. operation number is 6




try to work in the same XYZ values by rotating the value of the initial C-axis.

To do so, need to know is the "transformation angle value" or "transformation Number of Instances value" in the post builder.


Is there a way to know the value?

or Is there a way to set up another?


Re: [PostProcessor]Transformation angle value (rotate cutting)

you can use the following mom_ variables
Var: mom_instanced_path = 1
Var: mom_number_of_instances = 6
Var: mom_operation_instances_array[0] = FLOOR_WALL_INSTANCE
Var: mom_operation_instances_array[1] = FLOOR_WALL_INSTANCE_1
Var: mom_operation_instances_array[2] = FLOOR_WALL_INSTANCE_2
Var: mom_operation_instances_array[3] = FLOOR_WALL_INSTANCE_3
Var: mom_operation_instances_array[4] = FLOOR_WALL_INSTANCE_4
Var: mom_operation_instances_array[5] = FLOOR_WALL_INSTANCE_5

and for the calculation of the angle use

Var: mom_transformation_matrix[0] = 0.50000000000000067
Var: mom_transformation_matrix[1] = -0.86602540378443826
Var: mom_transformation_matrix[2] = 0.00000000000000000
Var: mom_transformation_matrix[3] = 0.86602540378443826
Var: mom_transformation_matrix[4] = 0.50000000000000067
Var: mom_transformation_matrix[5] = 0.00000000000000000
Var: mom_transformation_matrix[6] = 0.00000000000000000
Var: mom_transformation_matrix[7] = 0.00000000000000000
Var: mom_transformation_matrix[8] = 1.00000000000000000
Var: mom_translation_vector[0] = 0.00000000000044010
Var: mom_translation_vector[1] = 0.00000000000012590
Var: mom_translation_vector[2] = 0.00000000000000000
Var: mom_scaling_factor = 1.00000000000000000


Re: [PostProcessor]Transformation angle value (rotate cutting)

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Thank you


But can not find the variable.


Var: mom_operation_instances_array[0]

Var: mom_operation_instances_array[1]

Var: mom_operation_instances_array[2]

Var: mom_operation_instances_array[3] 

Var: mom_operation_instances_array[4]

Var: mom_operation_instances_array[5]


Var: mom_transformation_matrix[0]

Var: mom_transformation_matrix[1]

Var: mom_transformation_matrix[2]

Var: mom_transformation_matrix[3]

Var: mom_transformation_matrix[4]

Var: mom_transformation_matrix[5]

Var: mom_transformation_matrix[6]

Var: mom_transformation_matrix[7]

Var: mom_transformation_matrix[8]

Var: mom_translation_vector[0]

Var: mom_translation_vector[1]

Var: mom_translation_vector[2]


I could not find the value of the above variables.

How do I set up?

Re: [PostProcessor]Transformation angle value (rotate cutting)




You should have the variable  mom_transformation_matrix(0..8) and  mom_translation_vector(0..2) if the operation is transformed (Rotate about axis or point) via copy or instance.


The other variables are only there if you made an instance.

For copied operation you have variables






Re: [PostProcessor]Transformation angle value (rotate cutting)


you need to set main MCS and Local MCS and create the operation and post processor CSYS need to set than your "C" will rotate ,


please check in NX documentation

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Re: [PostProcessor]Transformation angle value (rotate cutting)

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I know MCS and Local MCS.

but, Create a Local MCS of multiple axis of the same angle is difficult.

When the initial change only the value of the C-axis in the same XYZ coordinates.

Re: [PostProcessor]Transformation angle value (rotate cutting)


Can you share your sample NC code than I will provide the solution for your requirements

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