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Postbuilder on network


Since going to Windows 8.1, our CAM guys can't edit the files in the Postbuild folders...I'm not sure of the details, but it's a windows permissions deal.


Without opening up permissions on that folder, is it possible to relocate the post builder files to a network server?  that would allow any of the cam guys access to the same files, and keep the OOTB install from jacking up anything they adjusted too.

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Re: Postbuilder on network

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Esteemed Contributor

If ugii_env.dat contains a variable pointing to the folder containing PB, you can place a copy of that folder on a server share and change the variable to point there.


You will have to check, if there is no path used inside of the encrypted PB code, that points to %UGII_BASE_DIR%\PB Smiley Wink

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Re: Postbuilder on network

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Esteemed Contributor

Just to be clear - the issue is with starting Postbuilder, not with opening / editing the actual post files (.pui/.tcl/def)?


I'm not sure how it starts from within NX (assuming there's a button / menu somewhere).


But the Windows "start menu" item starts it using the ...\Postbuild\post_builder.bat file

I fyou copy the whole ...\Postbuild\ folder tree somewhere, then edit the .BAT appropriately, you should be OK.(note if you apply MRs or MPs, you'll have update this other folder as well.


I guess one other thing to ask... Is NX9 certified on Windows 8.1?

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Re: Postbuilder on network

What files in the POSTBUILD folder do they need to edit?

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