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Postprocessing / parallel proccess

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is  possible do postprocessing in backround that I will be able edit setup/operations ( that arent  in postprocessing) ?

What do you think about it? ER?





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Re: Postprocessing / parallel proccess

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There is a "Batch Processing" tool, but I never played with it.




 NX DOC says:


Batch processing generates tool paths, postprocesses groups and/or operations, and generates shop floor documentation. You can process all three outputs at one time, or create each output individually. You can use batch processing to:

  • Generate multiple outputs from one command.

  • Work on another project while the processing takes place.

  • Schedule the processing for the most convenient time, or when the system is most free. You do not need to be present.


    Windows systems terminate batch processes if the user logs out during processing. Lock your workstation instead of logging out if you need to leave before the batch processing is complete.


Running a batch process in the background

When you run a batch process with the Background option:

  • The batch process automatically saves the part file when it is complete.

    For the best results, do not continue working on the submitted part while batch processing runs in the background, because the batch process can overwrite your changes, or you could overwrite the batch process changes.

  • The batch process generates a log file with a name that has your part name and a .log extension, for example my_part.log. This log file contains information about the selected operations and groups, start time, end time, and whether the process is successful or not. You can check the log file to see the status of a batch process running in the background.

  • The batch process sends an e-mail with the log information to you when the processing is complete.


If the system crashes before or during the batch process, you only lose the work of the batch processing, you do not lose the work that was done before running the batch. When the system is restored, you will need to open the part and re-submit the groups or operations for batch processing.

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