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Re: Postprocessor file location

Can you show the top of the machine tool view of the Operation Navigator?

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: Postprocessor file location

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It seems you are mixing 2 things now.

You are using Machine Tools. So in your ONT Machine Tool View, you should see a Machine Name as the root node instead of "GENERIC_MACHINE".

This means a Machine Tool is Selected.

I see in the Log File that you made UGII_CAM_LIBRARY_INSTALLED_MACHINES_DIR equal to UGII_CAM_POST_DIR 

This results in the fact that when you want to postprocess for a machine tool it will look for the dat file at the location that is described in the machine_database.dat:



And NX is not capable of finding the dat file where the postprocessor locations are located.


I would do some steps back and start by setting UGII_CAM_LIBRARY_INSTALLED_MACHINES_DIR = \\NCENTFILSRV02\NX_Files\NX\CAMresource\NX90_CAMresource\library\machine\installed_machines\

and see if everything works again.


Some study in the documentation on how the Machine Tool library works, will definetely be helpful.


I hope this helps.



Gerrit Koelewijn

Re: Postprocessor file location

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

Well, I spent some time talking with GTAC, and both of our machine shops, and it appears we have a mixed bag of things...Gerritt hit the nail on the head.


Posts were in multiple locations, based on who wrote it, ie machine based, or more generic.  Plus moving them from various local machines, to the new network location, different locations, working in slighly different ways, etc.  Imagine 3 jigsaw puzzles mixed together on the floor...that's what I have now, and GTAC suggested we decide which puzzle we want to use.


Thanks for all the help, and suggestions.  I think some calls with Jason Otto at GTAC are in the future, now that we have a plan.

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