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Postprocessor for FANUC M710 20L robot-painter

All operations prepared inside NX CAM, for more flexible gun control I add few special cases - gun down, gun top, gun right, gun left. Configurations for robot NUT or FUT - with UDE. For each engage gun set ON , after each retract - gun OFF.

Postprocessor not only for toolpath output, during postprocess I can see CSYS of tool for each point of toolpath.


Re: Postprocessor for FANUC M710 20L robot-painter

Amazing stuff man

Sent you an email earlier today

Re: Postprocessor for FANUC M710 20L robot-painter

Ok. Now I want to build simulation model for this robot. Thanks for my friends, I have 3d-model of FANUC M710 20L.

Question is - how I can build CSE simulation model?? I have my own postprocessor, and I want to simulate "G-code file". I know, it impossible now. No problem, I can make additional output XYZIJKPQR - any values.

How I can control robot configuration - NUT, FUT etc. ?



Re: Postprocessor for FANUC M710 20L robot-painter

Have you looked at Robotic Machining in NX 10.0.3?

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: Postprocessor for FANUC M710 20L robot-painter

Excuse me, last maintenance release is 10.0.2, I have installed with latest maintenance pack. May be exist top sectret MR?

I take participations in video training (thanks for Gil and Eddy), but now I dont understand how I can build simulation model for robot, when in "robot hand" not milling tool, but paint gun. I want to align for each target point CSYS of tool and taget CSYS.


Re: Postprocessor for FANUC M710 20L robot-painter

Hi Yury and others,


actualy we do have a hotfix on top of 10.0.2 that would reflect the solution as will be available in 10.0.3. I will send you the details to the mail. if others are interested to try it - please send me a mail to

the new version supports:

1. mounted workpiece (where the part is gripped by the robotic arm which moves it against static tools in the robotic cell).

2. Nice and easy to use jogging environment where you can also capture poses to be used as start and / or end pose.

3. rich library of roots with post appropriate processors and sample parts.

4. Other small enhancements and bug fixes.


about milling tool path vs. paint gun path question - at the end you neet to draw a path that will drive the robot. if you can use a tool that is long enough to keep the gun at the right distance from the part and output to the post a different tracking point, or set the tool frame for the robot at the "tip of the imaginary tool" this may do the work. there might be other ways to do it.




Eddy Finaro
NX CAM Product Manager
Siemens PLM

Re: Postprocessor for FANUC M710 20L robot-painter

I add CIRCULAR MOTION for postprocessor. Interesting moment - for mom_kin_arc_valid_plane for robot I use "ANY".


5: L P[2] R[1]mm/sec CNT0;

6: L P[4] R[1]mm/sec CNT0;

7: L P[6] R[2]mm/sec CNT0;

8: RO[3]=ON ;

9: C P[8]

: P[10] R[1]mm/sec CNT100;

10: L P[12] R[1]mm/sec CNT100;

11: L P[14] R[1]mm/sec CNT100;

12: L P[16] R[1]mm/sec CNT100;

13: L P[18] R[1]mm/sec CNT100;

14: L P[20] R[1]mm/sec CNT100;

15: L P[22] R[1]mm/sec CNT100;

16: L P[24] R[1]mm/sec CNT100;

17: L P[26] R[1]mm/sec CNT100;

18: L P[28] R[1]mm/sec CNT100;

19: L P[30] R[1]mm/sec CNT100;

20: C P[32]

: P[34] R[1]mm/sec CNT0;

21: RO[3]=OFF ;


Re: Postprocessor for FANUC M710 20L robot-painter

I am trying to build something similar, but with a laser head. Can you share with me please how you have built the UDEs so that you output for each engage gun set ON and after each retract - gun OFF?


Thanks a lot,



Re: Postprocessor for FANUC M710 20L robot-painter

Hello, Edi!


I dont use UDE for set ON\OFF for painting gun. Inside postprocessor I analyse motion type and BEFORE FIRST CUT motion (you can build operation with complex engage motion, not single-move) postprocessor output command ON, and BEFORE first RETRACT motion - OFF.  


   if { [string match "CUT" $mom_motion_type] } {
    # Добавлено включение факела только для движения типа CUT, по просьбе от 25 января 2016
   	if { $fakel_on_off == 0} { 
	MOM_output_literal "RO\[3\]=ON ;"
	set fakel_on_off 1

Re: Postprocessor for FANUC M710 20L robot-painter

Hi Chigishev,


This sounds like a good work around. 

Please forgive my lack of experience, I am new to posts, especially to post configurator customization. Where and how should I use the code exactly? Smiley Happy
I am using the OOTB Fanuc postprocessor for a Fanuc robot. I tried to change FANUC_RJ_user_custom.tcl as below:
proc FANUC_do_motion_template {sDefaultTemplate} {
# This routine can be used to override the default motion instruction.
#  'sDefaultTemplate': default block template to generate the motion line
   global $mom_motion_type

   # default behaviour: run the target default block template
    MOM_do_template $sDefaultTemplate
    if { [string match "CUT" $mom_motion_type] } {
       if { $fakel_on_off == 0} { 
    	MOM_output_literal "LASER_ON;"
    	set fakel_on_off 1
This returns an error and it does not do the postprocessing.
Thanks again,

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