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Posts: GPM vs UGPost

Hi All,


I am having a meeting about a comparison of ICAM/cl approach to postbuilding vs what I have been doing with postbuilder. I have a couple of specific questions for those that have used an external cl post (especially ICAM) relating to ISV and sync manager. Does NX let the external post run against the cl and work with the g code for sync manager and ISV?


The company I work for would like to have a single post for use with Creo and NX (the main driver to get out of integrated post.) My feeling is that the cl generator - which is a post itself - will need to be maintained - and some of the advantages of NX knowing kinematics and so much more information than a cl format will pass - is too much of an advantage


Anyone have opinions on this?

Thanks, Dan

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Re: Posts: GPM vs UGPost

Where I work we use NCL's Postworks because everyone else is using Catia. I think you lose a lot using an external post, like UDEs. Be prepared to do some manual formatting of APT source. I never realized how good I had it when I could post right out of NX.

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Re: Posts: GPM vs UGPost

I agree. UDEs can still be created I would think. In fact - I would think a "machine" could still be created with it's own specific stuff (specific ude list, graphics) - but the post could output cl anyway. So the "Postprocess" would be used in this case and maybe at the end of the cl posting tcl the external post could be fired.

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Re: Posts: GPM vs UGPost

Information from UDEs is included in the CLSF as comments, so you just need to teach the external post how to handle these comments.


Another way is to extend the CLS output with custom commands for the UDEs.

Remember that the CLS processor is just a specialized post-processor, so all you know about posts apply to CLS generation too.


I have the CLS processor extended by sourcing in a custom Tcl script, so nothing fancy and easy to do.

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