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Problem about Contour operation

Hi ,All

I am using NX11.0.2 MP00 . I found some thing in Contour operation . When I use on plane step value  cut direction is OK , but I am using On part step value cut direction is not the same ( please in attach file ) and  when I am using  2d planar when I close NX  and open again program create curve . How to fix it ?


Thank you 



Re: Problem about Contour operation

Re: Problem about Contour operation

Hi 22,


thank you for your request.


Hard to give an explanation without having a look at the parameters and the part.


Would you mind contacting GTAC with this topic? It would be helpful to get this part, so that we can analyze what you are showing in the attached pictures.


Thank you in advance for your help.


Best regards


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