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Problem about Machine simulation

Dear all


 Hi , I am using NX 9.0.3 MP6 . Today I make new machine for simulation . But I use simulate machine( tool path simulate) . I found some problem machine can not run circular tool path (see in attach file )  but linear tool path can run correct. How to solve this problem ? 


thank you


Re: Problem about Machine simulation

Hi there,

I have same issue like You - yesterday I made myself 5 axis machine kinematics (itnc post).

If I'am running MACHINE CODE SIMULATE - ok, circular move & plane spatial works

If I'am running TOOL PATH SIMULATE - not ok only with circular paths ... Smiley Sad


This the first time when I have this issue. I think the problem is somewhere in kinematic chain.

I think that my channel configuration is ok, first symptoms appear realated to spindel error. I solved it by importing .MCF database from similar sim_machine, then I was trying to defining rest myself (see attachment below).


PS. You can switch in any operation Motion Output Type from arc to line - but this is not solution.


For everyone - pls, if somebody knows what is the problem of tool path simulate, why arcs are ignored? Some solution ?  I'am working on NX (updated).


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