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Problem with FBM Connection to Teamcenter settings.

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Hello Community,

I'm currently experiencing an issue with setting up the Machining Knowledge editor, so that it connects to Classification for it's resource libraries e.g. Tooling etc. It appears I need to provide a "Web Tier" connection string in 4-tier mode, but the string that I provide causes an error when attempting to re-open MKE.


A copy of the error can be found below, the sting itself works fine in Internet Explorer and reports back that "AIW Service is alive"


I suspect it may be an issue with using https as apposed to http as the same http string within IE fails, reporting a "P" failure.


Before I reported this to GTAC I just wanted to check, if the community had come across the same problem.



User Error Message: Initialization Failure

User Error Message: Teamcenter Integration for NX initialize failure

User Error Message: The server returned and internal server error.

Failed to encrypt/decrypt the service request.

SSL certificate problem, verify that the CA cert is OK. Details:

error:14090086Smiley FrustratedSL routinesSmiley FrustratedSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed

The application will terminate.

Teamcenter Integration: Initialization took  time in cpu    1.716, real    1.805

@@@ End of session Fri Apr 08 13:25:39 2016 GMT Daylight Time


With Best Regards


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