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Problem with Fanuc Robot NX cell.

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Has anyone had any experiences of building a Fanuc Robot cell within NX and if so was the Posted output suitable?


I'm currently building a Fanuc Robot Cell within NX and output from the posted toolpaths appears to be 180Deg out in the Fanuc R Parameter. Unfortunately I don't currently have access to the cell itself to understand the consequences of this, but everything I try just seems to push this discrepancy around or simply flips the Axes.


I'm not exactly clear what would affect this but I've tried changing the Machine Zero junction, the Robot Axis directions, Tool mount junction orientation, the Tool Tip junction orientation, the MCS as well as the Post configurator options but nothing seems to work. I've even tried changing the contents of the motionparamters.e file (Not sure what it does) but with no avail.


I've read somewhere there are differences between the tool frame (ref 180) between ABB and Fanuc, so I'm not sure if that’s the problem I'm seeing here.


I would be interested to hear if anyone has had similar issues.



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