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Problem with machine rapid output upon upgrading from NX 8.5 to NX 10


I am hoping someone will have some ideas regarding the following problem.  My NX knowledge is pretty limited, so any help will be appreciated.  


Problem: upon upgrading to NX 10 all of my Rapid movements are being posted as G01 movements.  My initial move is always at F10. and any additonal rapid moves are at the rate in place for the prior operation.  Since this is a Wire EDM machine, this rate is very slow.



If I go into the edit toolpath dialog box I see the following under motion:


Motion Type Rapid

Feed Rate Type Custom

Custom Feed Rate -1.0000 None


In NX 8.5 everything is the same except the custom feed rate shows 0.00.  


In NX 10 I can get the proper output by doing one of two things from the edit tool path dialog.  If I change the custom feed rate to zero, or change the Feed Rate Type to Use Motion I get the proper G0 output for that rapid move.  


In the post review tool mom_feed_rate will match whatever the custom feed rate is, but F10. will always be output instead unless the custom feed rate is 0 as stated above.  I do have an event: MOM_first_move 7 + that has several Address: values, which include f=10. and G_motion=01. 


What I can't figure out is where, or why the -1.0 is being set as the custom feed rate instead of 0.0 as it always did in the prior version. The feed rate for the operation is controlled by the Method, and nothing I change in the feed rate there makes any difference in this operation.


Thanks for any suggestions on what may be causing this problem. I did my best to give pertinent information, but please feel free to ask for other information that may help.


John Lambert


Re: Problem with machine rapid output upon upgrading from NX 8.5 to NX 10

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have I managed to solve this problem? At this point I have the same problem.

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