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Problem with turning-tools in NX12

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor


We are working with NX12.0.2 MP5 in Teamcenter

From all tools we use we have 3D-solids in TC.

In our CAM-Setups we use POCKETs.

If I open two CAM-Setups, which include turning-tools and I want to change into the second CAM-Setup I see that all turning-tools are loaded again. If I change back to the first part all turning-tools are again loaded and so on. You see it in the status-line at the bottom.

If I change to Machinetool-Navigator this happens too.

This happens only with turning-tools if the are positioned in POCKETs and in TC-environment.

If the turning-tools are outside of a POCKET it does not happen.

In NX10 we did not have this problem.

GTAC cant reproduce this problem.

Does anyone else has exactly our constellation?

Do you also have this problem?

Thanks for help.

Production: NX12.0.2, FBM | TcUA
Development: VB.NET, Tcl/Tk

Re: Problem with turning-tools in NX12


Video or clear photos highlighting the problem and information about your CAM setups, cutting tools configuration in Teamcenter would help to understand the issue.



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