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Problems with 3D Material removing CSE

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I have a problem with 3D Material Remove checkbox.

I set simple cylinder as Workpiece for my simulation project:


But when I start simulation and try to set checkbox "Show 3D Material Removal - next moment I see ERROR MASSAGE:



What kind of type expected!?



And - few lines from log-file:


&MACRO ASK_ITEM 9306112 (1 BOOL 0) = 1 ! Show 3D Material Removal

PK function PK_ENTITY_delete failed, ifail PK_ERROR_wrong_entity (10), severity Mild

Failing argument entities (2), entity 0, index 0

*** EXCEPTION: Error code 820010 in line 1844 of o:\ugnx903\ip4\src\dman\no\ind\ki_errors.c at Sat Aug 29 12:37:34 2015 RTZ 2 (зима)

+++ PK ifail 10 from PK_ENTITY_delete


[ 2] 07FEDBB0C80E (libsyss)

[ 3] 07FEDBB4658D (libsyss)

[ 4] 07FEDBB4628B (libsyss)




Accepted by topic author Chigishev
‎08-29-2015 11:55 AM

Re: Problems with 3D Material removing CSE

I set back Customer Defaults for Needle Counts and Tolerances - it solve a problem.


Re: Problems with 3D Material removing CSE

Can you log a PR with yout example?


We had a similar issue comparing IPW accuracy for verify when eedle count and tolerance modes were mixed.

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

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