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Problems with setting up simulation tools/IPW

I am running into a few problems with simulation on a lathe. I am using the standard sim11 lathe and trying to run my own part and tools on it to test it out.


Issue one is the IPW. I did define the part in the machine setup. It could be multiple setups, but not sure what that could mean.




I am also trying to setup a turning tool to use. The OTB tools from siemens are working fine. I copied a tool, replaced the holder and insert with a different one and it worked fine, but my zero point was off. It seems that after going to machine tool builder mode, inserted a tool base component and then defined my points, I get a error using the tool. When I simulate path it says that the given junction name is invalid. Not sure why this is. The OTB tools don't have this, and noticed that they have an attribute G4ATT_LQ(1) with a location. This is not how the documentation in the help file says to do this.




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Re: Problems with setting up simulation tools/IPW

What is the geometry view of the ONT looking like?

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Re: Problems with setting up simulation tools/IPW

I just tested it today and the IPW seems to be a bug in NX9 which is what I was using to test simulation. I tried it in NX10 and it is fine.


As for picking the tracking point for the tool, does everyone change the attribute or use machine tool builder?

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