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Process sheet - Siemens NX

Good morning friends,


I'm creating a process sheet in NX and I'm not finding the variables for the fields in yellow, could they help me?


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Wendel Trento


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Re: Process sheet - Siemens NX



everythng yo need is documented or better you can do debugging and you can find it.


Postprocessing will create extra files where you can find more variables.

(Throught their values for example - set some variable outtol to 0.33333 and try to find 0.33333)


mom_seqnum, mom_stock_....., mom_mcs_attach_... , mom_....tolerances,  ..something like that.


/some stock variables doesnt exist in every operation, and often doesnt represents real stock.

/floor, wall,part - it can be missunderstood for operators.


Last Z or lowest Z you can store in some custom variable and you can use it then.






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Re: Process sheet - Siemens NX

Good afternoon friend.


"The last Z or Z lowest you can store in some custom variable and you can use it then."

Could you help me with the variable? Because I'm not familiar with TCL programming.


Wendel Trento

Re: Process sheet - Siemens NX

in your picture is "Z-End" I dont know what does it mean.


Minimum (lowest) Z :

Create custom command with setting mom_pos(2) ( = Z coordinate)  into some variable for example lowest_z:

Because you want minimum, put there condition : if mom_pos(2) is lower then lowest_z, set mom_pos(2) into lowest_z.

Put this custom command into every motion event.


Also to make this work you must preset lowest_z to some big positive value in start of program sequence.

Because in first move lowest_z do not exists -there is nothing to compare.

In the end of program you can output lowest_z as minimum Z of the program.


You can output also output this variable after every operation and then immediately reset it to big positive value - to start saving lowest z for next operation.


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Re: Process sheet - Siemens NX

If you are not familiar with TCL programming, you might find it not too easy...

As an alternative, you can also consider choosing existing templates:


Marek Pawlus, NCmatic

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