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Program Group Name to Shop Docs


Hello All,


I believe this question has been asked numerous times and that it was a known issue in previous versions but..... it doesn't appear to be resolved.


I would like to get my excel shop docs to output the program group name in the header. When I try to use mom_group_name it uses the name of the last program in my list.


we name our programs with the same base number and a progressing alpha as the prefix


OP10 = A-12345

OP20 = B-12345

OP30 = C-12345


Currently I have am pushing my program base number to an attribute and using multiple shop docs to output the appropriate operation prefix. We name the program as shown above, so being able to pull that name into the header would eliminate the need for multiple shop docs.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!!






Re: Program Group Name to Shop Docs

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Not too sure what your attempt is here... Nevertheless, the program group that directly owns an operation is the "mom_oper_program"; but since all objects are cycled first before the data gets populated onto the header & table, the variable will carry the state of the very last visit which would be the last group in the list.


In addition, "mom_group_name" would not be really reliable, since any group objects (Program, Tool, Method, Geometry) that own the operation will pop in as the "group name" in various times during the cycling of objects for data collection.

Re: Program Group Name to Shop Docs


The attempt is to have a tool list that correlates to the program via program number without having to manually populate it. 



Re: Program Group Name to Shop Docs


im working on this same problem.. if you find a solution please post it.

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