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Quickly generate folders in Program Order View


I'm looking for a fast, easy, way to generate folders in the program order view.  For example if I've just started programming Part# 1234, I would like folders generated:







We split programs up by tool, and lable our programs as such.  It can get tiresome creating and manually naming all of the folders.  Is there some way to create a macro or something that will do this for us?  Thanks.


You could write a journal for this. If you are not famili...

You could write a journal for this. If you are not familiar with that, I would use the renaming journal that we provide as a sample. 


First, create all the programs with the default names:







Next, select the root node NC_PROGRAM at the very top of the ONT, and run the journal RenameOperationsOntSelection.vb. Replace PROGRAM with 1234_OP1 and you're done.


You can find the journal in the UGOPEN\SampleNXOpenApplications\.NET\CAM


If you do this alot, I would do 2 things to make your life easier:

1. In the setup template, create 50 programs, or more than you will need. Then they will always be there when you create a new setup.

2. Add a button to a toolbar that points to the journal.

Then you would create a new setup, pick NC_PROGRAM, Pick the button.


Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: You could write a journal for this. If you are not famili...

Hi Mark, thanks for your answer. I actually figured this out a couple days ago but the website won't let you answer your own question.

I did use a journal, but took a slightly different approach. I found a tutorial online that had an example that would pop up a dialog box and accept user input. Then I recorded a Journal that created folders _1 through _30. I then hand edited the journal splicing in the code to pop up the dialog and store the user input in a variable. Then inserted the variable in the folder names. And I did create a button on the toolbar to access the journal as well. I love that NX is so customizable, I found this to be a very cool solution to my problem.

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