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Recurring Tool in Shop Docs


Hey everyone,


So I made a custom excel template for shop docs. The issue i am having is if a tool is used multiple times in the program it only is listed the intial time. We use the toolsheets for the operators to be able to follow along with the program. Is there a way to get every occurance of that tool to output onto the excel shop doc?


Thank you


Re: Recurring Tool in Shop Docs

Are you cycling the tool view or the program view?

There is probably code in our out of the box templates to supress a repeated tool.

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: Recurring Tool in Shop Docs


 I am cycling the tool view. Originally it was not using the tool view and the tool sheet would not output in correct order. I am not an expert with this stuff yet and have been teaching myself how to do this. Attached ismy .tpl file. Does this look Correct? It wouldnt let me attach my .tcl files. Thanks for any assistance.



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