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Re: Renaming tool library causing old programs to alarm.

@cs3672 wrote:

That function does not work for me so I am bringing all the tools from each "old" configuration library into a single manufacturing operation.

I then change the configuration to point to a new library and export the tools.

However, there are probably thousands of tools here and it takes ages!!


Does anyone know of a way to "export tool to library" but in batches?

First, let's be sure we understand what convert library does before we give up on it. As long as you did not customize the classes and fields in the old releases, it should work. You run it in the new version, and select the tool library from the old version. The system looks at each tool in the old library. If it has a libref already found in the new library, it is ignored. If it has a new libref, the format is converted and it is added to the current library. It is documented here

If this doesn't work, then your idea of retrieving each tool form the old library and exporting to the new one is a good approach, although tedious to do interactively. I would take this approach:

  1. Pick a configuration that points to the old tool library.
  2. Retrieve all the tools in to a part file.
  3. Pick a configuration that points to the new tool library.
  4. Export each tool.

1-3 are easy interactively, but #4 is the hard one. For this step, I would run a journal that cycles through the tool view and exports every tool. If you go this way, you will need a vb programmer, and the program will need to determine the libref for each tool, and if you want to replace or create in the case of a duplicate. 

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: Renaming tool library causing old programs to alarm.

If you decide to write a program to export each tool to the library, this might be something to start with. It cycles through all the tools in the part and lists their type and subtype. You would need to add the code for export around line 90. Rename to .vb.

For more help on programming, check out the Programinming and Customization Forum

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: Renaming tool library causing old programs to alarm.


If the tcl-procedures of NX cannot work properly, you may write your own standalone application (exe) using any development tool - VB, C, C++, etc. It is not a difficult task to recode records from one text file to another one. I think it would be faster for your thousands of tools.

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