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Replacement Assistant - flipped sketch geometry


Hi all,


I am aware of the fact that this is maybe more a CAD topic. Still, I couldn´t find something like this request in CAD and rather would like to ask the CAM guys.


We have large prototype parts for which we WAVE link the part geometry to the CAM assembly. In the workpiece we use the WAVE linked geometry.


Almost all milling operations we create are planar profile operations that best reflect the desired tool paths.


These planar profile operations use curves from sketches (projected to or sketched within).


When the part changes we often have non-revision parts that are similar to the previous one.


When we use the replacement assistant to re-attach the sketches a lot of them flip in terms of their orientation. In most cases due to a flipped x-axis orientation in the sketches attachment.


In our previous CAD system replacement included the direction of a selected curve.

In NX I can just specify e.g. the new edge, but nothing like the orienation.


Am I missing something? How are you working with sketches in such cases?

Best wishes,

In production NX MP4
In testing NX MP5

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