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Rigid tapping pitch output


Hello, I am sure someone must have come across this and found a solution.



I am attempting to get IPR (inch per revolution) output on my post for taps. I added an F word and swtiched it to feed_ipr, but it still calculates the IPM. Should I use a custom command and use [set feed_mode "IPR"]? And then would I set it back after to "IPM". I placed the G95 IPR in the tapping command but it does seem to switch the mode, it just places G95 in the code.






N4933 M23
N4934 G99 G84 X1.32 Y-1.7 Z6.437 R7.287 S300 F.05 <<<<<<<pitch of tap
N4935 X-1.32 S300 F.05
N4936 Y1.7 S300 F.05
N4937 X1.32 S300 F.05
N4938 G80


Thanks in advance!!!!!

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Re: Rigid tapping pitch output

auto.pngLooks like I answered my own question after some more digging. Turns out I needed the have the cycle feed rate modes set to auto. If only everything were as easy as one click.

Production: NX MP2 Primarily CAM

Re: Rigid tapping pitch output

Note the cycle feed code set to "Auto" will use whatever the operation is set to.

If the op is set to IPM, you will get F in IPM.

If the op is set to IPR, you will get F in IPR.


If you *have* to have IPR *always*...(but just for the tap cycle)

You may have to write some code to check.

I'm not at work right now, I'll have to look it up next week & post if you need it.

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