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SIM_08 Heidenhain Problem with post processor

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I took copy of Sim_08 folder.

Made new 3D model of machine and machine tool kinematics to it.

Machine is kinematicly same as sim_08.


Post processor works on orginal one, but same post wont do PLANE-commands correctly with new setup.


Has someone noticed this same problem and what is exactly happening?


I made my own post, but it did the same. 

I got this  PLANE command working correctly when I changed  mom_kin_machine_type to "5_axis_dual_head" 


Why  "5_axis_dual_table" will not give Plane command correctly?


NX 10.0.3



Re: SIM_08 Heidenhain Problem with post processor

I did litle pit more testing.

I tryed my own made post on orginal Sim_08 machine and it works as supposed to.


This problen seems to be related to machinetool model.

Different machinetool model makes same post react differently.


What is relation between machinetool odel and post processor?


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‎02-14-2017 09:33 AM

Re: SIM_08 Heidenhain Problem with post processor

The axis and junctions are also making a difference.

I suggest to enable all columns in the machine tool builder navigator, take a screen shot and compare the original machine with your own.

Stefan Pendl, Systemmanager CAx, HAIDLMAIR GmbH
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Re: SIM_08 Heidenhain Problem with post processor



Thanks for tip.

I had accidently defined spindle as nc axis. 

I was looking this problem half a day....

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