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Save Manufacturing Preferences

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Why in some computers the Configuration File\cam_general.dat and Template set\cam_general.opt take default option Although I have a user customization?


And i other computers take automatically my personal configuration?



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Re: Save Manufacturing Preferences


Help -> Nx log file


Now , look for the variable UGII_CAM_CONFIG_DIR and UGII_CAM_TEMPLATE_SET_DIR

Normally 2 variables should show the path of your customization

If it is not the case , I advise you to look this way NXcustom Utilities , a lot of information to customize your CAM environment

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Re: Save Manufacturing Preferences

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Valued Contributor

You are not logged in as user on computer


Your files containing your preferences are not located in the computer your using with NX installed.




is where system setting files will be located on the Computer folder.


Your .dlx, .krx, .pax, .txt, .dpv, .xsl, and .mtx file extentions are located in this folder.


As for the Configuration, Postprocessor, Template_Part, Template_Set folders and files must be located  and mapped to there correct locations.

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Re: Save Manufacturing Preferences


mkn is right.

You may watch at the customer defaults for Manufacturing. Quite at the beginning there's the Use Configuration based on Role setting. When is is set to on NX CAM uses the configuration that has been saved in the role.

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