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Set Shopdoc excel to H:MM:SS


Hi All

How to set shopdoc excel output "mom_toolpath_time" as H:MMSmiley FrustratedS?

I try to set excel formula '=${mom_toolpath_time}/1440 and set excel for mat to H:MMSmiley FrustratedS.

But not work.

Please recommend some formula or setting.

Thank you

NX10.0.2 Mp03

Windows7 64bit

Microsoft excel 2013



Re: Set Shopdoc excel to H:MM:SS


I haven't use the excel shop docs so not sure if TCL is interpreted


in pure tcl this works

clock format $mom_toolpath_time -format %T


% clock format 123456 -format %T

Re: Set Shopdoc excel to H:MM:SS

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If you output the shop doc from NX directly to i.e. html won't read the excel cell formatting. Instead you need to output to excel directly, then save that excel output to whatever format it supports.


Go to your \MACH\resource\shop_doc\excel_templates folder and edit shopdoc_excel.tcl with a text editor.

Change the entry "set execute_file {C:\\apps\\MSOffice\\Office12\\excel.exe}" to point to where your excel.exe is located.

Save the tcl file

In NX, output your Shop Doc again

In the shop documentation dialog, expand the Settings menu.

The Display Output option is a toggle to launch your web browser and show the shop doc. 

(If it is turned On, your default web browser will open the shop doc when dialog is OK'ed.)

(If it is turned Off, the output will be created but not displayed in the browser.)

Turn Off the Display Output option.

If you have modified your shopdoc_excel.tcl as mentioned above you should get your shop doc opened in excel when dialog is OK'ed.

The excel cell formatting will kick in.

Save the opened excel in a format of your choice.




Lars Okkels

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