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Shape tools in Mill Contour

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Hi to all,
That is not a post of a question, It is a good solution I have experienced from GTAC and found it very good to share with you and maybe works for someone else.

The problem that i had, was trying to mill with an Shape tool.
If I made an User Defined Tool, i was be able to use this ONLY in Planar_Profile.

The tool was like this:


Sin título_1.jpg 


And, because of the part shape I needed to reproduce the shape of the tool as precise as possible.

So, in order to be able to use this tool in other kind of operations (as mill_contour > Streamline, FlowCut, Etc) there was 2 choises:

-Search tools by parameters that most closely resembles what we need (in my case it was a T_CUTTER), and associate to it, an 3D model that we modeling previously.

That is not the better choise, but it can be done with ANY shape of tool.

The toolpath will be calculated with the parameter defined tool, so, it coul be defective.

Although the toolpath is calculated by the parameter defined tool, in the simulation, the material removal is done by the 3D shape modeled.


-The other way (the best in my case) is use the "STEP_DRILL" Subtype tool.

It's very a flexible kind of definition, therefore, it is likely to work for many cases.


Sin título_2.jpg


The appropriations of this resolution are to "Luis Valencia" of GTAC, THANKS LUIS!

Attached will find a PRT with the example tool.


Re: Shape tools in Mill Contour


Thank you DBaccile for sharing.


It could have been my colleague triggering this capability. When we switched from CATIA V5 NC to NX CAM, we had to create mapping rules to bring about 2000 boring bar like tools of a single internal customer from our in-house tool database to NX. In order to get tool shapes as realistic as possible my colleague choose the step drill tool type as target class, because he didn't like the OOTB boring bar. Siemens improved the step drill tool type for US to support more geometric capabilities.

Fortunately, Siemens continually improves its tool types and we can migrate from this misuse to the desired tool types.



Best wishes,

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