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Simple engraving

Hello All,


We do a lot of simple 2d engraving in Mastercam.  It's draw a rectangle as a part boundary. Then throw down some simple wireframe letters and tool path.  


How can the same be done in NX?  


Thanks for your help.



Re: Simple engraving

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if you want to engrave curves/ sketch you can use operation:

- fixed contour with curve drive method or boundary method and engrave it by profile cut pattern (tool position ON).

- planar_mill and engrave boundaries by profil cut pattern (tool position ON).


If you want to engrave letters - create text with function Text (curves)

You can engrave with operations mentioned above.




Or you can engrave Notes and engrave with fixed contour with drive method text

Bez názvu.png

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Re: Simple engraving

See attached picture.   I'm not able to select the letters?  

Re: Simple engraving

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As I said fixed contour - drive method text / contour text, can engrave text created by NOTE.


You probably have text created by TEXT - use fixed contour - curve point drive method or planar mill.


Maybe I forget - you should have some body or face under text or note.

If you have no body or face under, you can machine this text boundary only by planar mill where you will specify floor plane.

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Re: Simple engraving

I'm not able to select the note?


See attached.

Re: Simple engraving

in this case you can select the note


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Re: Simple engraving

For simple 2D engraving you can use Planar Text


First create the text you want to engrave  - using Menu - Insert - Note

the text will be on the plane of the Work Coordinate System so you may need to move the WCS before placing the text


Create a tool sutable for engraving


Create a Planar Text milling operation.


From this you can selet the Text, set the floor and depth

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Re: Simple engraving

You may have "modelled" text (not "drafting" text)


You can use either, but the way you pick the text will be different. Note "drafting text" will support legacy ("NX") and Windows (opentype/truetype/etc.) fonts.  I think "modeling text" only supports Windows fonts.


If you want to use modeling text, but "single stroke" engraving (rather than an outline) use "Modern" font


"Modelling" text, use whatever type of operation, curve drive method, and in the selection toolbar set the "Curve rule" setting to "feature curves" (that way if the text is edited and letters added, the additional letters will always be machined) (plus, it is only one pick to pick the curves :-)


"Drafting" text can only be machined using the specific "Planar text" or "contour text" operations.

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Re: Simple engraving

You could subscribe to the GTAC newsletter, which had some document added about engraving in the latest issue.

You can also search for engrave in the solution center, which will have the document from the newsletter as the first result.

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Re: Simple engraving

I use the modeling text Font set to "Modern".

Really easy to do text this wayeditable for size and loaction


Then machine it with planner milling.

You will have to pick the lines individually as boundaries (hardest part)


Set your engage/disengage to zero. just a z feed inand out, maybe with ramp

You can also use ramp on shape if you set your open profile engage to "use closed"


Works better than mastercam engrave "as always more options"


Contour, Point line drive method works similiar, but I only do this when on the outside of a cyclindrical face or surface.


Some peolpe like the drafting text. yes you can pick the text as one element but it has to be drafting text.

Modeling text is a newer text adding featur... guess they have not connected them yet

It will happen.

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