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Simulating a custom winding device


Hello everyone,


I need to simulate a device that winds thread around a workpiece. That device got one axis that needs to be controlled and is attached to a 6-axis robot (KUKA KR180 R2500). My idea was to model that thread as a solid body coming from the coil, so that would be my tool that has to move tangentially on a path around my workpiece.

I have tried two ways already: 

Defining the winding device as a device with a pocket, thread attaches to pocket. Now when I try to simulate the tool path along a randomly chosen path (to try it out), the robot moves but it's clear that not the tip of the thread (which is defined as a tool tip) moves along that path, but the pocket of the robot is moving along the path. NX is clearly ignoring the tool and chooses that the robot pocket CSYS is the tool tip.

The other way I tried was to add the winding device to the robot into one machine with a dynamic holder for the thread. Now when I try to simulate any tool path, the robot doesn't move at all without telling me there is a problem.
kinematic_model_robot_with_device.JPGkinematic model in my second try, winding device + robot in one kinematic model

Unfortunately, I can't send screenshots of the device because of possible intellectual property problems.


I hope you guys got some ideas, because I'm all out.

Thanks in advance,



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