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Simulation not stopping when there is a collision

Hi all,


I am running a simulation. In my simulation settings, my colliosion pairs are set. In "other options"  the "stop on collision" box is checked. When i press play, everything simulates great until i see my collision pairs light up showing me theres a collision, but it does not stop and give me a dialog box asking me if i want to continue.  I think I accidently checked the 'dont ask me this again' box that was in the doalog box that would pop-up upon collision. im pretty sure that this is the cause. I just dont know How do i get that dialog box back. Any help would be great!

Accepted by topic author dbfoster24
‎02-16-2017 01:37 PM

Re: Simulation not stopping when there is a collision

It might vary slightly by version, but in NX 10

File -> Preferences -> User Interface -> Options -> click on the button:

     Reset "Don't display this message again"


Note this will reset ALL the dialogs you said "don't display again"

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Re: Simulation not stopping when there is a collision

Thanks for that! There is no variations between versions. Thanks again for your help!

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