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Spindle and Counter-Spindle setup

I have cse model with spindle and Counter-Spindle, with part and blank for each. When I add nc machine for simulation I can use Use Part Mount. Main part mount in main spindle. How I add part to sub-spindle?

Re: Spindle and Counter-Spindle setup

I'm not sure that's the best way because I'm not a great expert in dual channel, but what I do is once you mount the machine and the workpiece in the main spindle, to add the second piece on the sub spindle, I do it from the machine tool navigator.


Re: Spindle and Counter-Spindle setup

Yes, I can define part for Sub-Spindle setup in Machine Tool Builder Tree. But - a position of part or blank will not changed (and MCS for G54 G55..), and if I want to use sub-spindle - I must to calculate part mount before adding simulation model or move component after it. Not so easy..



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