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Streamline 5 axis - Ring option ER 7901140


Coulpe months ago I started discusion about 5 axis streamline method where I asked about Ring option, similar in Contour Profile strategy. And ofcourse was created ER 7901140 in this topic. 

I know that someone could ask why I don't want to use Contour Porfile instead Streamline. Anyone who use NX CAM for programming of gears/ details with teeth should know that Streamline with still not existing Ring Option is really difficult, and I know it could be helpful - not only for me. 

Please NX comunity help me 

All you need is to enter your company Sold-to and in the "Short Description" :  Add your name to ER 7901140




Re: Streamline 5 axis - Ring option ER 7901140

For small explanation why Ring Option could be helpful especially when someone want to program details with teeth and I would like to focus only on teeth. Gears are quite specific because machining one of flanks should be realized with using only one tool. This is reason of quality, pitch, etc. Anyone who saw how teeth look like, and how are created by CEA software know that this is a gap with specific surfaces – surfaces of flanks and radius of root.




So for programming flank I should use Steamline strategy. I choose only surface, two border curves on top and bottom and that’s it. I could use ball nose tool and machine it but this is not effective method, this tool will be enough sharp for 3-5 teeth and you will need to change it. More effective will be end mill tool. But Streamline paths are created only on the end of tool, tangency with surface. But end mill tool has long cutting edge which I should use. And I know that with only one tool I could machine flanks without change.




Above example is from low budget CAM software and I think this should be not complicate to implement this option also in Streamline where this option is in Contour Profile. Someone could ask why I don’t use Contour Profile? Answer is very simple: 

  1. In Contour Profile I need floor surface (I don’t have it. I could create but why?)
  2. I have all what I need for Streamline – surface, curves.
  3. Streamline has more interesting options (Trim, Extend, Cut direction, etc.)

So dear managers, software developers of NX you know what to do :-). If it’s possible please implement this.

Thanks for any help.



Re: Streamline 5 axis - Ring option ER 7901140

Very interesting topic for me, @Mariusz13! And many years ago I solve it for my case (it was impeller, and a best milling strategy was a same, with "ring option"). But - for my case I use User Defined Method for Drive Method, for Projection Vector and Tool Axis.

One question - how your "option" must work for few first passes? Without ring option? In other case will be some unmachined part of your gear...

Interesting case. I have a solution, but havenot time.........

Re: Streamline 5 axis - Ring option ER 7901140



Normally programm has many of paths like was shown below. It depends of height of flank and programmed ap.




And now as you can see all flank is machined. No floor, no extra strange surfaces, etc. NX CAM has brilliant engine for strategy Streamline but without this option is really not cool. 

But NX, like i mentioned, has this option. Not here where it should be.

Re: Streamline 5 axis - Ring option ER 7901140

Good day!

As I wrote - I did a same for impeller milling, but I use UDOP NX OPERATION (User Defined Operation)







Re: Streamline 5 axis - Ring option ER 7901140

Hi Chigishev,


This is great. I think this is not so easy, it looks like some API macro. But you clearly showed Siemens that this is possible. One think is to "WANT". 

Anyway, you are master :-).




Re: Streamline 5 axis - Ring option ER 7901140

A lot of thanks, @Mariusz13!!

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