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Supress Path If Less Than Minimum Volume



i'm trying to use the Volume Removed calculation under Cutting parameters, Containment, Supress Path If Less Than Minimum Volume.


the problem is that no matter what i do it always calcualte 100% as if all the material was removed.

but if you persent the IPW you clearly see there is still material which was not removed



what i'm i doing wrong?





Re: Supress Path If Less Than Minimum Volume

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100% means it removed all of the material it was supposed to.

We need to see this operation in context with the other operations in geometry view. What does the IPW or blank look like before this operation? If it is a block, then I would expect it to cut the material as shown. 

This parameter is used to eliminate operations that only cut a small amoutn of material. In the sample part attached, you can see that all 5 operations will generate, but 2 of them are supressed because they did not cut enough, leaving more material for the following operations. tool_min_material.jpg


Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: Supress Path If Less Than Minimum Volume

What is it your trying to do with this command? Your question sounds like your trying to leave a certain amount of material?

Production: NX MP2 Primarily CAM

Re: Supress Path If Less Than Minimum Volume


What i'm trying to do is to calculate the precentage of the material the operation removes out of the overall material that still needs to be removed.


Re: Supress Path If Less Than Minimum Volume

From the documentation below. This is for suppressing the path if total volume removed does not meet the defined percentage. It is not for defining the total percentage to be removed from the existing volume.

Now another question maybe some else can answer. Is the material percentage based on total IPW volume, or does it take into account the volume of the part. Meaning, does the remaining IPW volume =(IPW - Part)???

Or better yet is it the volume of only what was to be cut in the operation in question?



Minimum Volume %

Defines how much of the remaining material an operation must cut to output its tool path.

If an operation does not meet this percentage:

  • Its tool path is suppressed from output and does not affect the IPW.

  • The Path column in the Operation Navigator shows a status of suppressed  for the operation's tool path

  • The operation row is displayed in the suppressed path color.

Production: NX MP2 Primarily CAM

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