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TNC530 tool probing issue with CSE

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I'm working on a post for a new 5-axis being installed with a Heidenhain TNC530 controller. The machine also comes with a tool probe that sets the height offset and diameter for cutter comp. I have the correct code posting out, but I get a parse error during simulation if I don't put a ";" on each line. I don't know a lot about the code, but I can usually copy/paste something to get me close enough. This is what my custom command looks like.


MOM_output_literal "TCH PROBE 551 LENGTH MEASURE"
MOM_output_literal "Q320=+0.1 ;SETUP-CLEARANCE"
MOM_output_literal "Q396=0 ;GEOM-1 WEAR=0"
MOM_output_literal "Q399=+0 ;DRILL=0 MILL=1"
MOM_output_literal "Q391=+0 ;0=NO, 1=YES"


Ultimately I'd like to actually simulate the motion, but I'm just forcing output to the probing location for now and would like CSE to ignore this command. Is there a way within postbuilder to make it work?

Thanks in advance.




Re: TNC530 tool probing issue with CSE

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

You would need to edit the CSE driver to recognize this command.

The easiest is to check if the post is currently in simulation and then post a different set of lines resembling the movement of that command.


global mom_post_in_simulation

if {$mom_post_in_simulation != "0"} {
    # your code for CSE
} else {
    # your code for regular controller
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Re: TNC530 tool probing issue with CSE

The Code for the machine should look like

MOM_output_literal "TCH PROBE 551 LENGTH MEASURE ~"
MOM_output_literal "Q320=+0.1 ;SETUP-CLEARANCE ~"
MOM_output_literal "Q396=0 ;GEOM-1 WEAR=0 ~"
MOM_output_literal "Q399=+0 ;DRILL=0 MILL=1 ~"
MOM_output_literal "Q391=+0 ;0=NO, 1=YES"


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